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Inside the life of a performer

On March 1st, SVT was invited to EA’s offices in Amsterdam for a preview session of the upcoming Sims 3: Showtime expansion pack. In this slideshow we’d like to show you some of the things we’ve seen in the game. Click on the round arrow button on the right to go the first slide, or click on the link below to view all our screens in the gallery.

Creating a Sim

Like many people do, the first place where we always look for new stuff is in the Create-A-Sim (CAS) screen. Of course there’s loads of new stuff, but the new hairstyles for male sims were a bit lacking and somewhat weird for my taste.


Some of the new clothing options for male sims.


And these are the new female hairstyles in Showtime.


A quick peek in the female clothing options. We’re not going to show everything though, we’d like you to be able to discover stuff by yourself.


One thing we really did want to show you is the return of the social bunny from The Sims 2. Or at least a somewhat similar costume.


So this is our male sim called Nigel Buskerman. Don’t ask me how I made up the name, I just used the random name generator in CAS. Notice by the way how new favourite vegetarian food options are added to the menu. Nigel’s favourite food is tofu burger with cheese. (he’s a vegetarian, not a vegan…)


And this Nigel’s new roomie: Jules Dingemans. Nigel and Jules are both aspiring acrobats.

Life in Starlight Shores

Nigel got a *ahum* ‘motherlode’ of an inheritance, which made it possible for him to buy this lovely house in the new neighbourhood of Starlight Shores.


Starlight Shores is the brand new neighbourhood in Showtime. It’s got everything you need to get your career in the spotlights started. It’s mostly based on Beverly Hills and Hollywood. If you look closely, you’ll even see a Hollywood sign in Simlish in the back.


Starlight shores is full of venues, like this one. Venues are places where your Sims can perform their show on a stage. The venues range from a stage in the park, to a luxurious ball room.


Back to Nigel, who just started his exiting career as acrobat by simply applying for it on his computer. Though he won’t be doing much tricks in the first stage of his career: He starts off as a Mime artist.


Here’s Nigel trying to perform his act in a local park. It might not be very exiting, but at least it pays the bills.


Even some guy named “Willard Wright” came to have a look at Nigel. Don’t I know this guy from somewhere..?


Jules also started her career as an acrobat, and just like Nigel she started at the bottom by becoming a mime artist. Here she is doing her ‘Look at me, I’m pretending I’m trying to walk in a storm!’ act.


Meanwhile, Nigel is trying to get some more exciting stuff in his performances, and ambitiously starts to practice with a double fire torch.


Which, of course, fails miserably.


Oh dear…


Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. Jules on the other hand decided to practice in a more sensible way, by trying to improve her athletic skill. This is essential to become a great acrobat.


Nigel miraculously survived his little accident (told ya!) and somehow got himself promoted to become a real acrobat. He even managed to get a costume! Looks very tight though…


You can’t rely on just tips from people passing by on the street though. So Nigel managed to meet with the owner of the stage in the park. He’s auditioning to do a gig there. Depending on your Sims’ experience level, he’ll be able to perform at bigger and more luxurious venues over time. The stage in the park is on the lowest level of all venues, so pretty much every clown could perform there if they wanted to.


There’s loads of other new stuff as well. Remember this thing from The Sims 2: Nightlife?


Yeah, and that… Better luck next time Nigel.


Then there’s also the return of the photo booth. Bringing back those weird and impossible pictures like these.


Old school Sims fans may recognize this: yes, it’s the mechanical bull from the Sims 1! You may weep in nostalgia now.


Meanwhile, Jules has been quite busy lately. Here she is performing her show on stage in the park.


Looks like she’s having fun. Nice face paint by the way.


In Showtime you’re able to completely customize your Sims’ stage for his/her performance. This includes set pieces, lighting, and even some effects.


Nigel managed to get a gig as well at a local bar. It might not look as fancy as Jules’ act, but he’s getting there.


And there’s quite a crowd watching too.


Later on, Jules decided to makes some serious improvements to her act. Including stuff like breaking every bone in her body…


…Doing a handstand on a ball…


…And even some serious stunts with a hoop on fire!


And now it’s time to say goodbye to Nigel and Jules. I’m sure they’ll have an excellent career as acrobats. …I think. We’ve made loads more screens during the event, including the new buildings in the neighbourhood, and some screenshots of the SimPort menu. Just click on the link below to go to our gallery. Thanks for stopping by!

End of slideshow

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