My first steps in – The Sims Social

The Sims Social Review

socialfirststeps_01Social is the new multiplayer. Games need to be social these days. Look at the enormous hype that Farmville has created. EA also is jumping on the “social bandwagon” with their first real attempt at a social game: The Sims Social.

In this ‘My first steps in…” we’ll have a look at the beginning of the Sims Social and what we think of it.

Creating a Sim

socialfirststeps_03So the first thing you do in every Sims game? Create a Sim. So, naturally that’s also the first thing you’ll do in the Sims Social. When you first launch the game, you get to see a create-a-Sim screen, where you can fully customize your Sim’s appearance. You can select things like hairstyles, noses, eyes… basically all the things you know from the Sims 3. Off course things are not as detailed as in the Sims 3, but still you can create a pretty unique Sim.

You can also choose a personality for your Sim. You can choose from several, like rocker, athletic and such. When your Sim is done, it’s time to move in your new home.

Your first steps
socialfirststeps_04After moving in your new home, you are greeted by none other than Bella Goth, who welcomes you to the neighborhood (called Littlehaven). She’ll teach you the first things you’ll need to know of the game. Because even though it plays very similar to the Sims games on PC/Mac, there are some differences. For instance, there are two types of actions; ones that require energy and ones that don’t. Actions that don’t require energy usually are things like, eating, going to the toilet or taking a shower. Things that do need energy are for instance gardening, composing a song or be social with another Sim. And that’s where some of the trouble with this game comes in. As it’s a “social game” you need to be social with other Sims (your Facebook friends) in order to keep your Sim happy. But when your energy is at 0, you can’t really do anything, so your Sim gets very unhappy and you have to wait for your energy to fill up again. Which takes around 5 minutes for 1 energy point. Of course you can buy new energy, but this costs special coins, which in itself you can earn or buy with real cash. Yup, microtransactions, will probably always be a part of social games unfortunately.

Being social
socialfirststeps_07As mentioned before, you really need to have (a lot of) Facebook friends that also play this game, in order for it to be any fun. You can visit your friends’ lots and have interactions with them. You can even start a relationship with the Sims of your friends. Or if you don’t really like a particular friend, you can become an enemy with his Sim and settle the argument digitally. Whatever you like.

socialfirststeps_06The social part doesn’t stop ingame. During the game, you have a lot of things that you can spam share with your friends. When you level up, you can share it on your Wall, when you get a specific reward you can share it on your Wall, when you have accomplished a goal you van share it on your Wall, when your Sim takes a dump you can… well you can’t share that on your wall thank goodness.
These wall posts also yield good stuff for your friends (and vice versa if your friends share a lot), from free Simoleons to items that you can use. So if your friends share a lot, you also gain a lot. That’s the good thing of it I guess.

So, what’s next?
socialfirststeps_012From time to time you get goals that you can achieve in order to get something special. But most of the time you’ll probably are busy keeping your Sim happy. One of the annoying things is, that you should (in theory) keep playing this game throughout the day, as your Sims’ needs also decrease when you are not playing or even are on Facebook. So be prepared to see all the needs of your Sim be red when you get back to your game after a few days.

Another thing that is rather annoying is the fact that you need to have a lot of patience with this game. Errors and crashes happen quite often. The game is still in beta of course, so those glitches might be a thing of the past soon. At least lets hope so, because now it’s sometimes impossible to accept requests of friends.

socialfirststeps_020So, in short, the Sims Social is a good first attempt of EA to make a social game on Facebook. The Sims theme is done quite well, by using original music of the Sims games. Also the social aspect is quite nice, though it’s a bit of a shame that you can’t see your friends walk around when you are both online on Facebook and are playing the game.

The bugs are quite annoying though, but again we assume that the team is working on them so they might be gone soon! In the meantime, you can have a great time with the Sims Social when you are being bored on Facebook! You can’t play it for too long though because, as soon as your energy is fully depleted, you need to wait for it to be back again (or buy new energy).

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