The Sims 3: Hidden Springs Review

Hidden Springs Review

From the pirates in Barnacle Bay we head to the serenity and calmness of Hidden Springs, the second (well third if you count the free Riverview) downloadable world for the Sims 3. Is this new world really as calm as they say, or will you grow tired off boredom? Well we suggest you read this review to find out yourself.

Welcome to Hidden Springs

So Hidden Springs. What kind of world is it? Well the first way to describe it, would be as calm and serene. The livable area of the world is situated at the foot of a mountain, which looks pretty cool. Some of the buildings in the town are build on top of mountain ridges, which – when you visit them – gives you a great view all over the city and its surroundings.

But Hidden Springs isn’t just about the beautiful views you get. There are several other cool aspects of the game as well. New families make their way into the game, all unique and all with their own stories. But more on them later (in a separate special we highlight one of the families in the game). Another big aspect of the game is the fountain of eternal youth. This new object makes it possible for a Sim to regain some of his or her young looks and eventually possibly even freeze the aging process. Yep, it’s pure magic people!

Hidden Springs is a beautiful neighborhood. The entire world has a kind of blue/grey-ish bloom over it, that makes it truly feel like its hidden somewhere in the mountains.

hiddensprings_impres_010 hiddensprings_impres_09 hiddensprings_impres_09

A new building in town

But first let’s take a look at some of the new buildings in town. Most new buildings really fit in well with the new neighborhood. They look stylish, classy and modern. The neighborhood also has the “Ambitions” buildings all set up for you to enjoy. So the fire department, laundromat, junk yard and such are all placed already. Let’s have a look at some of the new buildings in the town.

The Spa

hiddensprings_impres_02The Spa in Hidden Springs looks pretty impressive. Its main building is big and pyramid-like. Behind the main building are two big pools where your Sims can swim in.
These pools also have two small “islands” with relaxing beach chairs. Rather cool to lay down basically in the middle of the pool with other swimming around you.

The spa itself is – of course – a rabbit hole, but the pools behind it are not. So while your Sim is undergoing a nail treatment and massage, you can watch other Sims enjoying themselves in the pool. And of course, when your Sim is ready for it, he can dive right in as well!

The Town Square

hiddensprings_impres_04The new town square looks rather empty compared to the ones in other cities such as Sunset Valley and Twinbrook. Almost the entire square is tiled so almost no grass to place a picnic basket. In the center of the square is a nice looking statue and there are some benches where you can sit and mingle with the other Sims in town.

The town square also has a little building on it, with toilet facilities and such.

The museum

hiddensprings_impres_07The museum in Hidden Springs is actually quite a funny one. There are three floors in it, filled with objects found in the game. On the main level of the building, you’ll find things like statues and ornaments that you can also find in the neighborhood build mode. The first floor houses all kinds of electronics, from old TV’s to the latest and modern flat screen ones. The top floor has got several toys on display.

It might not be your conventional museum, but it’s rather fun to walk in.

One of the many parks

hiddensprings_impres_013Hidden Springs is the home of many parks. Most of these parks look like they come straight from a fairytale. Lots of trees and hidden places to sit and be romantic with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Rumor also has it that the fountain of Eternal Youth can be found in one of these parks, but we haven’t been able to spot it yet.

Living in Hidden Springs

Hidden Springs not only has great surroundings to watch and adore, but it’s also the home of many beautiful houses for your Sims to live in. Most of them are already inhabited by other Sims, but others are also completely empty, waiting for someone to enter it. Below you can view some screens of some of those houses.


Fountain of Eternal Youth

Like mentioned before, one of the big things in Hidden Springs, is the new gameplay object, the Fountain of Eternal Youth. This fountain makes it possible for your Sim to regain some of his young age, but also to freeze time and not age at all anymore. Because we don’t want to spoil to much of this object, we let you figure out yourself how to fully work with it. Of course, it won’t be possible to freeze time right when you first use the fountain.


Oh and don’t forget to pack your credit card when you go shopping; the fountain is rather pricy and costs almost 500K Simoleon. Yep, eternal youth does have its price!

The Families of Hidden Springs

As mentioned before, one of the big new things in Hidden Springs, are the different families. There are four new families all with their own stories.

We’ll have a more indepth look on one of the families in Hidden Springs in a seperate report!


So to conclude. Hidden Springs is a really nice neighborhood. Not only does the neighborhood looks nice, but it also brings some new gameplay to the game, which is a real nice addition. The story element of the world is debatable (how much do you really notice of it while playing) but it’s a nice extra. If you have enough Simpoints left, this world is not a waste of points!

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