The Sims 3: Late Night preview

The Sims 3 Late Night Preview

The 2010 Gamescom was held in Cologne last august, and Sunset Valley Times was invited by EA to join the party. During our day at one of the largest Game conventions in the world, we were allowed to get a sneak peak of upcoming expansion pack Sims 3: Late Night, and the new Sims Medieval game.

If you want to know some more about The Sims Medieval, you’ll need to be at another page (right here), cause we’re only going to cover Late Night right here.

Anyway, it’s time for yet another expansion pack, which is going to be the third one for the Sims 3. After your Sims could go on adventures  in faraway places in Sims 3: Word Adventures, and get some new and exciting jobs with Sims 3: Ambitions, it’s now time for your Sims to get out of the house and paint the town red with the Sims 3: Late Night.


The game introduces an entirely new neighbourhood called Bridgeport. The first thing you’ll notice about Bridgeport is that it’s mostly inspired by New York City: There’s a big peninsula confined by two rivers, fully built like a major city with skyscrapers. There’s even a bridge which suspiciously looks like the famous Brooklyn bridge, but I haven’t seen some kind of Sims version of the statue of liberty. Oh well, I guess you can’t have it all…

On the other end of the bridge there’s a more suburban area, filled with large and expensive villa’s (a Sims’ Connecticut if you will) built for the rich and famous. Famous? Yes, your Sims can now become actual celebrities. But I’ll get back on that later.

lntrailerscreencap_09 lntrailerscreencap_01

There’s loads of new stuff to discover in Bridgeport. There are bars and clubs where your Sims can spend the evening. And if you want to live your life in the midst of all the action, you can even buy a penthouse for your Sim.  If you’ve got enough money of course…

The clubs are catered for Sims with all kinds of different interests. There’s everything from a pub-like bar, an exclusive dance club with bouncers, a dive bar with an underwater pool view, to an actual vampire bar. Indeed, the vampires are back as well, which I’ll get back to in just a moment.

Even though  there’s loads of places to visit, not all bars and clubs are popular places at the same time. Apparently, Sims are quite picky when it comes to choosing the right place to hang out for the evening. So in other to prevent useless trips to empty night clubs, they came up with ‘Hotspot’ icons on the map, which indicates where it’s ‘the place to be’ right now, so to say.
You could even open your own night club, and work there as a ‘mixologist’. Which is basically a fancy name for someone shaking cocktails, but without the alcohol of course. If your Sim is any good, you might get a mix drink that positively influences a someone when he/her drinks it. It could green up al needs, upgrade skills, or could even be used as a love potion.


Celebrity life

Anywho, back to celebrities. Your Sim can now become a celebrity by choosing one of the new career tracks. You can become things like an actor or an artist. But you can also ‘upgrade’ existing career tracks like musician or athlete to become the talk of the town.

This wouldn’t be the Sims if they haven’t come up with some kind of new grade meter to measure a new gameplay element, and it’s no different with celebrities. This time you’ll be able to see how famous your Sim is with a grade from one to five stars. To more stars your Sim will gain, the more perks you’ll get for being famous.

latenight_02 latenight_03

As a celebrity you’ll be able to visit exclusive clubs, get free stuff from stores and give autographs to fans. You can even be awarded with Simmies for several achievements in your Sims’ career. But there are a few downsides. As a public figure, the cameras are constantly faced in your Sims’ direction. The paparazzi is everywhere, and if you’re not careful  they might take some embarrassing pictures of your Sim. Like from the time your Sim tried to do some skinny dipping in the Jacuzzi…it seemed like some much fun.


So, back to vampires. Many people seem to love vampires these days, so it’s no wonder they’ve brought them back to the Sims 3. While the vampires in the Sims 2: Nightlife looked more like a hilarious version of the cliché Bram Stoker vampire, EA decided to take the Twilight approach this time. So no more blue skin and bat transformations, but just an ordinary sim who suspiciously acts like a vampire now and then.
Being a vampire has got its advantages. It’s easier to gain skills at night, and they can even read and manipulate other Sims’ thoughts. The downside is that they need plasma to survive, and it’s not advisable for your vampire Sims to walk around in daylight. They won’t die from taking stroll during the day, but it won’t exactly improve their needs.


Plasma, which is of course a non-scary name for blood, can be obtained in different ways. You can drink plasma from other Sims, but only when there’s a good relationship, there’s  a ‘plasmafruit’ which you can grow if you want to go vegetarian, or you could just go raid the local hospital and get some plasma from the bloodb..uhh plasmabank!
If you’re fed up with playing with vampires, you can easily get them cured by letting them visit the laboratory. Also, if you don’t want your Sims to have anything to do with vampires at all, you can just ignore every vampire Sim nearby. If you don’t build up relationships with vampires, your Sim will never change into a vampire.

CAS, Build and Buy mode

As always, the fashionistas, builders and decorator fans get some new additions to the game as well. In CAS, there’s of course some new clothes. We haven’t seen a lot of those, but expect to see some celebrity-ish clothing and of course some gothic clothes for vampires. In additions to that, it’s also possible to make some more refinements to your Sims’ body shape. Sims are now able to have more defined muscles, and you can even change the size of Female Sims’ boobs (how did that ever got through?!) in order to make the celebrity lifestyle  a bit more real.

The new objects are mostly things to create great dance clubs and bars. There’s the effects machine for example, which does things like lasershows, blow bubbles, shoot confetti and even create a fog effect. There’s also a few objects brought back from the past. The band objects are back, including a piano, there’s the bubble blower from Sims 2: University, and of course the Jacuzzi. Personally I’ve been missing this from day one in the Sims 3, because it was one of the major objects from The Sims 1 on. If you think about Sims, you think about Jacuzzis. If you don’t believe me, just check some of the first screens and trailers for The Sims 1 and 2, you’ll always find a Jacuzzi somewhere. So I’m happy it’s finally coming back to the Sims 3.

latenight_05 lntrailerscreencap_02

I haven’t seen a lot from the building perspective. It is possible to build penthouses. But only penthouses, not apartments. And you if your Sims lives there you can’t do any major changes to the building, just like any real apartment. One of the new building features it that it’s now possible to build an aquarium window. So basically it’s an aquarium inside a wall. Also, because Sims who are rich enough to own a window aquarium don’t really have time to look after the fish, you don’t need to feed them at all. At least that’s what I’ve heard. I’m not entirely sure about that one.

So that basically wraps up my preview for The Sims 3: Late Night. For what I’ve seen it’s a great game, bringing many new features to play around with. Hopefully we’ll get to see some more of this game real soon.
Be sure to be on a lookout for this expansion pack, cause it’ll be in stores this fall.