The Sims 3: Lunar Lakes – a review

Dit is de Engelse versie van de review. Lees je hem liever in het Nederlands?

Welcome in Lunar Lakes.

We introduce you to the Clone family. This is Christina. Christina is a bit of a controle freak. She wanted to have a big family but couldn’t find a suitable (read: someone who can stand out her control freakiness for longer than a few days) partner to start one.

That is why she devoted her life to science and created three clones of herself as her children. It couldn’t be more perfect, more versions of herself!
Although, when the little versions of herself came closer to their adult years, everything went a little different…

This is Chris. He’s turning more and more in an adult these days and his “mother” wants him to be an atlete, with perfect trained body and all. That is why he have to train so much, with Christina luring over him just to be sure he does everything how she wants.

But what Chris really wants, is being the new leader of the free world. He wants to be a politician. When Christina is not around, he practices speeches for his political program in the mirror of his bathroom.

Christina’s “daughters”, Chrissie and Christa, are still going to school. Unlike Christina, they’re not very… smart. Something Christina can’t accept. How could clones of her be dumb? She planned that both of them went to the university for science but with the grades they are getting lately… Not gonna happen.

So as you can see, it’s a interesting family to play with, if you keep the story in mind. You can choose to go with Christina’s plans or let fall her family apart and let everyone go their own ways. It’s up to you!

Ofcourse, Lunar Lakes include many more interesting family’s to play with. The overall architecture of Lunar Lakes is spacey and modern, just like you would expect from it.

The neighborhood is very beautiful with all of these different domes with green “normal” gardens in it.

Also, there are two of these wonderful craters which are connected with each other, so a lot to see and discover.
And the neighborhood looks even greater in the dark!

There really is a lot to do and to see in this neighborhood. Definitely when you want to play something different from all those green neighborhoods for a while.

Be sure to download it soon, you won’t reget it! :)

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