The Sims 3: Pets – a review

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The Sims 3: Pets brings one big new element to the Sims 3 game: Pets. In this review, we are going to take a look at the three pets that your Sim families can have in Pets. Horses, cats and dogs. Let’s meet our three families!

The Johnson and Hobble families

Meet Johhny Johnson and Chuck Hobble. They are two friends living in Appaloosa Plains. Johnny is a band manager and is good friends with Chuck. Chuck works in law enforcement and strives to train his horse to become one of the best. And he’s well underway to do so, as his horse is already a pretty good jumper and now they’re working on the racing bit. Ooh wait, we haven’t introduced the horses yet. So yeah, they have two horses, called Shadow en Freebird (who came up with those names?).

They live in a pretty luxurious country side estate with plenty of space for Shadow and Freebird to run around in. But off course, the horses need some place to live, so next to that, they also have a pretty big stable.

To keep Shadow fit, Chuck takes him out jumping in the back yard on a regular basis. You don’t get to the top just like that you know!
Johnny also takes good care of his horse. He often takes him to that race tracks of the city.

Freebird and Shadow clearly need to relax after a hard days worth of training, so they like to nibble on the grass in the backyard. They play together in the meadow until the sun goes down. After that, they are going back to the stables, having a little bit to eat and drink and then it’s time for bed. No staying up late, as Shadow has an important race to attend in the morning. There’s a lot at stake here, but between you and me, I’d wager good money on him.

The Lionheart family

Next up, we have miss Lionheart. The people from the city always ignore here. Not because she’s weird, but because she’s super weird. Clearly her wardrobe exists only out of eccentric items. The teenagers in the neighborhood also have a few “nicknames” for her. Never mention that in her face though, as she can have quite the temper.

She doesn’t live on her own. Since she’s the last one of the Lionheart family, she is living the rest of her days with her 4 cats.

Muffin, Mothball, Pickles and Maria those are the names of all her cats. And she loves them all equally off course (ok she loves Pickles more, but don’t tell the others).

To get to know miss Lionheart (Hetty) a bit better, we’re going to follow her throughout the day. First task of the day; put Pickles in the bath. Meanwhile, Muffin and Mothball are having a blast together, fighting playfully together, like real family does.
After the bath, Hetty gives some attention to the – still young – Maria. Giving her a nice hug, is off course very important.
After emptying the kitty litter and filling their food, miss Lionheart likes to watch her cats play together.

But when the night ends and the sun begins to rise, it’s time for miss Lionheart to… go to bed (*cue mysterious music*).




The Schmidt family

Lastly we are going to Benjamin Schmidt. He lives together with his dog Stinky. He adopted Stinky from the dog shelter. Stinky really loves to play with his doggy toys. In fact he even has a bin full of them.

Even though Benjamin lives alone, he is not poor. His house is pretty luxurious. Even Stinky has his own doggy palace. In front of his palace, Stinky likes to eat nice and lazy in the sun. He’s an old dog, so he doesn’t need to do things hastily anymore. Though he does likes to make long walks through the neighborhood. His favorite place is the dog park in town, where he likes to meet the other dogs.
And Benjamin, being the ladies man, also doesn’t mind looking at some other “treats” in the park.

So concluding

Even though, we only had a little closer look at horses, cats and dogs in this review, there are off course also other animals to explore. You can buy small animals, like birds and guinea pigs.

The new neighborhood is a real nice addition. The country theme is really cozy and it feels nice to live in. There are nice buildings in the town and the town itself looks like there has been a lot of effort put into.

One thing that is a bit weird and “overdone” is the fact that animals are literally everywhere in the new neighborhood. You can’t walk two blocks without spotting a few horses or people riding a horse.

Overall we can say that the Sims 3: Pets is a very nice expansion, that will surely bring you hours of fun. A must buy!

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