The Sims Medieval iOS Review

The Sims Medieval iPhone Review

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Off course, we all knew the Sims Medieval already from the PC and Mac games. But now the Medieval kingdom takes it a step smaller and to your pocket. With the Sims Medieval for iPhone and iPod Touch, you can take your history lessons, while on the go*.

Create your Hero

First up, like with any Sims game, you need to create an actual Sim to play with. This time you’ll be creating a hero. However, you don’t give him a profession, like in the PC versions. This will just be a “plain” Sim. We chose to go with the executioner look. To get that real medieval feeling going on. After that, we could choose a background for our Sim and gave him some personality. And let’s not forget to give him a name (we went with Arthur, nice and medieval). Very last up is to name your kingdom.

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After that, you are in the game and ready to go…

The first quest

Well, the game makes sure you are ready to go, that is. If you want, you can take a short tutorial, that will teach you the basics of this game. Things like camera movements, actions and your Sims needs (because they also have needs).

After the tutorial, you’re thrown in straight into your first quest. A visitor (Tariq the brave) will come by your home, telling you that there is some trouble in town. Someone has been stealing chickens. And guess what; you are just the guy they are looking for to fix it (yep, didn’t see that one coming, did you?).
So first thing you need to do, is go and have a chat with one of the locals. Apparently she has more information regarding the thief. But she won’t give it to you, until you befriend her. Like you would give up important information to just anyone? So have a little chat with her about, anything really. And after that, just persuade her into spilling the goods.

When she does, just head back to Tariq to tell him all you know. You will need to go have a little talk with this thief. And by talk we mean fight. And by fight, we mean swordfight. And by swordfight we… well actually we really mean swordfight. So let’s get a sword. And what better place to get that, then the marketplace of the city. Here you come to buy weapons and other items you need. We go for the rusty old sword (for that added nostalgic feeling). After that, it’s on to the fight.

Fighting works kinda simple. You see a fight button and when you hit it, before the enemy strikes, you can make a first blow. After that, it’s up to your enemy to try. Sometimes you also have special power ups, that give just that extra bit of power to your blow. You can also get a guild together, so you never stand alone when fighting.

When you’ve won the fight, the culprit will admit to his bad deed, and you have finished your first quest. You gain some experience points for it and you can go back home, to get some well deserved rest!

What else

The game makes use of the iPhone 4’s (and later) retina display. This means that the images look super crisp and good. Also the surroundings and your Sim look very detailed and nice. The kingdom itself looks rather dull (lots of the same buildings), but that’s just in the map screen. When you actually visit a location, it looks much better.

The controls of the game work pretty good on the touch screen. Change the camera angle with two fingers and zoom in or our with the bar on the right. To interact with objects or other Sims, simply tap them and select an action.

To conclude

The Sims Medieval for iOS is a really fun game to play during a boring train ride. It’s quick, easy to pick up and even though you can get sucked into it for hours, it’s also not bad when you just play it for 15 minutes.

If you are looking for a great new Sims game on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can’t go bad with the Sims Medieval. You’re bound to have hours of fun.
*Please note that this game doesn’t provide a real history lesson!

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