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[GC '11] Live Pets developer chat

At this years Gamescom, there will be several developer chats. The Sims 3: Pets team will also show off their game live on the Gamescom. If you are not present at the convention you don’t need to worry. They’ll be live streaming the entire thing. And if you want, you can send in your questions as well!

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Watch EA summer showcase live tonight

EA will be showing off their game line-up this afternoon during a showcase event. The Sims franchise will also be shown at the showcase event. What games will be shown exactly isn’t known yet.

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Exclusive new screens of the Sims 3: Generations

At the Sims 3: Generations event in London last week, we were able to take out own screens of the game. We’ve done just that and added the new screens to a special gallery. All these screens are exclusive to SVTimes.

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First Look – The Sims 3: Generations

We’ve attended an event on the Sims 3: Generations in London last week. There we were able to play the game, just weeks after it was announced!

Now we have a first look report for you of this new expansion. Be sure to read it, as there are some great new infos in it. Later we also have a video report of the event, with an exclusive interview we had with producer Graham Nardone!

[ A First Look at the Sims 3: Generations ]

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Eerste kijkje – De Sims 3: Levensweg

Vorige week waren wij bij een event voor de Sims 3: Levensweg in London. Daar hebben we met de nieuwe uitbreiding gespeeld, slechts enkele weken nadat het is aangekondigd.

Nu hebben we een eerste kijkje in de vorm van een verslag voor je van deze uitbreiding. Het is de moeite waard om te lezen, aangezien er een aantal leuke nieuwe weetjes in staan. We hebben ook nog een video verslag van het event voor je in de planning staan, met een exclusief interview met producer Graham Nardone.

[ Een eerste kijkje op de Sims 3: Levensweg ]

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What do other fansite write about Generations?

Last week there were several events in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. These events were held for the Sims 3: Generations. A producer came by and showed the game to the fansites who were present. Several fansites were at the event – including Sunset Valley Times.

Jordy went to London to see the game for us. His report on the event can be read here!

For links to the other reports, please ‘read more…’

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Tomorrow: our impression of the Sims 3: Generations

Last Thursday, Jordy attended an event in London to have a look at the Sims 3: Generations. He was able to play the game himself and has therefore acquired a lot of (new) information. And tomorrow he’ll share that info with all of you!

We’ll post our impression of the event online tomorrow. In that we’ll answer questions, but also give a lot of new information. We also had an interview with producer Graham Nardone, of which we’ll also put a report online. Lastly we have a bunch of fresh new screens which were made during our play-through in London and on top of that you can expect a video report of us!

All in all a lot of new information from the Sims 3: Generations. So from tomorrow (onward) keep an eye out on Sunset Valley Times, if you don’t want to miss anything!

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Lees morgen onze indruk over de Sims 3: Levensweg

Vorige week donderdag was Jordy bij een event in Londen om een kijkje te nemen naar de Sims 3: Levensweg. Hij heeft zelf met het spel kunnen spelen en dus een hoop (nieuwe) dingen ervan gezien. En morgen gaat hij die nieuwe info met jullie delen!

Morgen zal er een een indruk online komen over het event. Daarin worden vragen beantwoord, maar natuurlijk ook nieuwe informatie gegeven. Ook hebben we een interview gehad met producer Graham Nardone van het spel, waarvan we natuurlijk ook een verslag online zetten. En als laatste een hoop verse nieuwe screens die gemaakt zijn tijdens de speelsessie in Londen en je kan van ons nog een videoverslag verwachten!

Al met al een hoop nieuwe informatie van de Sims 3: Levensweg. Houd Sunset Valley Times daarom (vanaf) morgen goed in de gaten, als je niks wilt missen!

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Jordy in London today for Generations event

Today Jordy will attend a Generations event in London. He’ll be able to play the game there but he’ll also talk to one of the producers of the game. We’re certain whether or not the event is under an embargo. If not Jordy will try to post updates to our Twitter account. But whatever the [...]

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London Calling – Jordy in London for Generations

Voor het Nederlandse bericht, klik hier

On Thursday April 14th (which is in two days), Jordy will fly to London to have a look at the Sims 3: Generations, the upcoming expansion pack for the Sims 3. He’ll be attending an event together with Xelles from our colleagues of SimsNieuws and the Dutch Community manager of EA.

At the event he is able to not only play the Sims 3: Generations, but he’ll also will be interviewing a producer of the game. For this we want your questions. What would you like to know about the game?

We are not sure yet if we can take either pictures or screens/videos of the game and whether or not we can update you live via Twitter. Hopefully we’ll know that soon.
What we do know is that it’s going to be an amazing day, with hopefully lots of new information about Generations, which will later come in the form of a preview of course.

If you want to know anything about the Sims 3: Generations, you can ask your questions on our forums. Jordy will try to get them answered for you then!

[ Ask your questions about Generations on our forums ]

We have decided to accept questions only on our forums, as to keep the overview on them. You can set up an account on our forums very easy. It’s free and gives you access to a fun community with lots of other Sims fans. You can sign up here or you can sign in with your existing Facebook or Twitter account!

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