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A unique look at Maxis

Maxis has been the founding father for the SimCity and Sims franchises. They have been around for quite some time in the games industry. We’ve just discovered an open Facebook group that has lots of old (and not so old) photo’s from the company in it.

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The Sims Freeplay on Facebook and Twitter

The Sims Freeplay, the upcoming free to play iOS game of the Sims can now be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

[ The Sims Freeplay on Twitter ]
[ The Sims Freeplay on Facebook ]

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EA/Maxis starts official SimCity Facebook Page

We haven’t heard anything from Maxis in a long time, but now they are showing to the world that they still exist. The development team at Maxis has started an official SimCity page on Facebook.

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Will Wright also fan of Sims Social

We already knew that Will Wright was active on Facebook. But now we have noticed that he is also active in the Sims Social. Turns out Will is still a fan of ‘his’ Sims, and new plays this online game.


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The Sims Social now live


Click the image to go to the Sims Social

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Simify yourself with the Sims Social facebook tool

Always wanted to know what you look like as a Sim? Well now if your chance. The Sims Social has posted a new app on Facebook that allows you to make Sims version of a picture of yourself. Go try it out and post your results in the comments :D .

[ Simify by the Sims Social ]

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A few new screens for the Sims Social

A few new screens were posted for the upcoming Facebook social game, The Sims Social.

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Like us on Facebook – now even more easy

You probably already knew that we had our own FaceBook page. But now we’ve made it even more easy to like our page.

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New trailer for the Sims Social + possible release date

EA has sent us a trailer for the Sims Social, an upcoming social game on Facebook. On top of that, they have released the possible release date for this game!

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E3 2011: First trailer for the Sims Social

Watch the first trailer for the Sims Social, a new way to play the Sims with your friends on Facebook.

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