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Will Wright also fan of Sims Social

We already knew that Will Wright was active on Facebook. But now we have noticed that he is also active in the Sims Social. Turns out Will is still a fan of ‘his’ Sims, and new plays this online game.


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Did you know: the Sims dev team

There are more and more Sims dev team people on Twitter now. They do a good job interacting with us, the community, by replying to questions and such. SimGuruShannon posted some Tweets, that give a little bit of an insight in how the dev team operates.

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Fun Fact: pinball game by Maxis

We all know Maxis from the SIM game series (SIM copter, SIM City, SIM Tower and so on) and of course from the Sims and Spore. But did you know that they’ve also created another game, back in the days? A game that probably a lot of you have on their PC.

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