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More info on paintings in The Sims 3

Paintings. They are a fun skill to develop for your Sims, but you might not really look into it much further. Sure, your Sims can paint lots of different things, but you don’t think twice about that.
Until you’ve read this article.

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President buys Sims games for Christmas

Apparently the Obama household has some good taste when it comes to video games. President Barack Obama of the USA was seen christmas shopping in a Best Buy last week. What he bought? Just Dance 3 for the Wii and The Sims 3: Pets.

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American politician got inspiration from SimCity 4

Herman Cain, a presidential hopeful of the American Republican Party has made the news lately with his ’999 plan’. This plan is focussed all around the American tax system. But did he come up with the plan himself, or did he draw inspiration from a certain video game?

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Video of animal voice actor in Pets

Game website Kotaku has posted a video, showing a voice actor recording sounds for the Sims 3. They are not just any sounds though. This particular voice actor specializes in animal sounds. In the video you get to hear and see him record several dog sounds amongst others. Pretty funny to see! Want to read [...]

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The Sims Social parody trailers

The Sims Social team has created two parody video’s that provide a big wink towards two other big Facebook social games, namely Farmville and Cityville. Check out the Farmville trailer below, the Cityville one is after the jump!

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The Only Way Is… Trailer

Fan of The Only Way Is Essex? Whether you’re a TOWIE Fanatic or not, you’ll love the latest unofficial parody video from one of the world’s most successful gaming franchises, The Sims.

Starring popular cast members, Arg, Maria, Chloe and Joey you can expect plenty of ‘LOL’ moments. The girls totter around in their heels looking ‘reeeem’ and the guys follow in true Essex style all suited and booted to tell you just what The Sims is all about!

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EA Interns summer competition

EA organises a video competition for their US and Canadian interns. Each summer, they can make a video, showing why it’s so much fun to have an internship at one of EA’s offices in North America. Of course, there is something that the best entry could win; this year that was an iPad.

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Fun new render of Sims Social

We’ve found this render of the Sims Social.


Click the image to open in new screen to enjoy the animation!

It’s a moving GIF animation, so once you’ve seen it, you might need to wait a bit for the animation to play again ;)

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SimGuru’s play the Sims 3: Pets

@SimGuruRyan has posted the pics below on his Twitter. They show SimGuru’s who are working on Pets, actually getting some hands-on time with their game. We seem to get a little sneak peek of the new city that comes with Pets, but the rest is more or less blocked from view. Fun to watch nonetheless!

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A Simtastic wedding – Parody video

EA has released a bunch of assets of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton of England. View the screens, video and press release in this news post!

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