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[NL] EA Insider Gamescom 2011 episode 1

EA Netherlands is off course also present at Gamescom. Their EA Insider will be present at the show floor to make video’s of the games, the show but also the people behind the games.

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New info from other fansites already at Gamescom

Gamescom is already in full swing today. We’ll be heading down to Cologne, Germany this Friday, but some other fansites have already made the trip. They are updating live already via their Twitter accounts.

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Name for new neighborhood in Pets

We had to wait a bit for it, but now we know the name of the new neighborhood in the Sims 3: Pets.

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EA Gamescom 2011 press conference

Couldn’t be online yesterday to watch the EA press conference live from Gamescom 2011? No worries, we’ve got you covered. You can watch the entire thing now on our YouTube channel.

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Can’t make it to Gamescom? Watch the EA booth livestream

Can’t make it to the Gamescom this year, but still are curious to see what the EA booth looks like? Well don’t despair, as EA has got you covered. They have a live stream of their booth, so you can check out some of the goodness that happens there live from to comfort of your own home.

Check out the live stream below:

Watch live streaming video from ea at livestream.com
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[GC 11] New Sims 3: Pets trailer

Check out this new trailer of the Sims 3: Pets.

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[GC ‘11] Ask your questions about The Sims Social

This month, Gamescom 2011 will take place in Cologne, Germany. We’ll be present for three days to get all the information on the Sims you can wish for. Ask us your questions about The Sims Social.

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[GC ‘11] The Sims Social also shown at Gamescom

EA has sent us a press release about the upcoming Gamescom. In this release, they have mentioned all the games that are shown at the show floor.

One game that might be a surprise is the Sims Social. This new social game on Facebook, has already been released, though it’s still in beta. Perhaps they will show the final version of the game on the Gamescom?

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[GC ‘11] Watch EA’s press conference

Even though the official starting date of Gamescom is tomorrow, EA already kicks off the event today with their press conference. And the good news is, you can follow it live!

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[GC '11] Live Pets developer chat

At this years Gamescom, there will be several developer chats. The Sims 3: Pets team will also show off their game live on the Gamescom. If you are not present at the convention you don’t need to worry. They’ll be live streaming the entire thing. And if you want, you can send in your questions as well!

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