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Our Lunar Lakes review

A little while ago, a new neighborhood for the Sims 3 was released. Lunar Lakes takes a completely different approach then the usual worlds that we are used to in The Sims. This world has a spacey sci-fi theme.

Want to know if it’s worth to download? We’ve written a review for it.

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SVT Reviews the Sims 3: Pets

We have written a review of the Sims 3: Pets for PC and Mac. In this review we take a look at the three types of pets you can take in the game (horses, cats and dogs).

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The Sims Social – A review


EA has launched the Sims Social a few days ago. This new online social Facebook game was hyped pretty much and lets you play the Sims online with your friends (in a way).

We have written a short first impression of the game. What do we think of it, will it last long and can it keep you entertained. Well be sure to read our review if you want to find out all about that.

With the review, also come some exclusive screens from the Sims Social, all of which can also be seen in our gallery!

[ My First Steps in... - The Sims Social ]

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Gametrailers reviews Sims 3DS

aming website GameTrailers has posted a video review of the Sims 3DS. View it in this newspost!

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Micromanaging in SimCity Deluxe review

We’ve posted a review for SimCity Deluxe for iPhone and iPad. The review gives you a good view on the game.

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Other fansites on Ambitions

You can already read our review, but other fansites have written a review as well. Read further for a list!

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