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SVTimes now also on Google+

Of course, we already have several accounts on various social networks like Twitter and Facebook, but now we are adding another place where you can like and follow us: Google+.

If you have a Google+ account, be sure to +1 our page on there.

[ SVTimes on Google+ ]

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Play the Sims Medieval minigame (Dutch)

The official Sims Hyves (Dutch) has gotten a complete makeover. The Hyves is now in style for the Sims Medieval.
To go with that new skin is also an exclusive minigame you can play. It’s quite addictive, as it houses several small games in one! So it’s really worth a try!

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Sims 3 team on Tumblr

I’m not sure if there are any Tumblr users out there, but if you use it you can now follow the Sims 3 team on it. They have created their own page on the social networking site. [ The Sims 3 official Tumblr ]

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Sunset Valley Times’ YouTube channel

Sunset Valley Times is of course a digital newspaper. But sometimes we create video’s too. To put these video’s somewhere, we’ve created our own YouTube account. You can watch official trailers there as well!

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Social stuff in sidebar

As you’ve probably already read on our site, we are on several social networking sites. But in case you can’t find us on those sites, we’ve added a new widget to the sidebar, with the links to those sites!

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SVT is now also on Hyves

Besides Facebook, we are now also on Hyves. Read further, to see where you can join the Sunset Valley Times Hyve!

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SVT is now on Facebook

Do you have a Facebook account? Then join the Sunset Valley Times page, on Facebook. Read through.

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