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The Sims Social – A review


EA has launched the Sims Social a few days ago. This new online social Facebook game was hyped pretty much and lets you play the Sims online with your friends (in a way).

We have written a short first impression of the game. What do we think of it, will it last long and can it keep you entertained. Well be sure to read our review if you want to find out all about that.

With the review, also come some exclusive screens from the Sims Social, all of which can also be seen in our gallery!

[ My First Steps in... - The Sims Social ]

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And the winner is…

The contest has ended and a winner has been chosen. The winner of the ‘Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells‘ is (drumroll please)…

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Anniversary contest ended, winners announced soon

Last month, we celebrated our very first birthday. And we won’t let you leave empty handed. We held a contest where you could win the ‘Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells’ set from the Sims Store.

We are going to review all the entries to the contest now and will announce the winner on SVTimes very soon.

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Win ‘Goth’s Book o’ Spells’ with our contest


This week we celebrated our very first birthday. And of course, also the birthday person gets to give out presents. And that is just what we are going to do with this contest!

What you can win

magicbook_store_3711You can win the ‘Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells’ set from the Sims Store. This set has just been added on our birthday, so we thought it would be the ideal set to give away. Below you’ll find the set description:

This suspicious tome is chalk full of discount charms and hexes! Curse your neighbors, enchant your shoes! Guaranteed to never leave a whisper of glitter, this book will strike fear and mirth into your friends.

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SVT turns 1 today

Today, exactly one year ago, we opened our site for the general public. And now, we celebrate our first birthday with you, by publishing our 13th newspaper.

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SVT 1 Year anniversary week


This week, we celebrate our first anniversary; the newspaper and the site will have been open for the general public for 1 year. To celebrate that, we have a special newspaper coming online this week, exactly on our first birthday: July 1st.

We might post some specials during this week; stories about how we’ve experienced the first year of SVT. What did we think of it, how did we experience it and do we think the site has evolved in the past year.

To make sure that you don’t forget the release of our first anniversary newspaper this Friday, you can RSVP to our anniversary event on Facebook

SVT’s first birthday; a year full of Sunset Valley’s latest news!

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Like us on Facebook – now even more easy

You probably already knew that we had our own FaceBook page. But now we’ve made it even more easy to like our page.

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Fancy a party? SVT turns 1 in three weeks!


In exactly three weeks, we’ll have a little party. Because then it’ll be one year ago that we opened the doors of the Sunset Valley Times to the general public. The very first newspaper was published and the forums opened. It was a great day.

So, our 1-year anniversary. Reason for a small party. Of course, we’ll publish the 13th issue of the Sunset Valley Times, but it won’t be a “normal” newspaper. We’ll have some surprises for you. What those are? Well no-one wants to spoil the surprise. So just come back, to see what it is.

So, SVT’s 1-year anniversary on July 1st. Will you be there?

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[Site Notice] Pre-release assets of Generations

The Sims 3: Generations has almost been released. Reports are starting to pour in of people across the world who have been able to buy or receive copy’s of the game. This has also resulted in more and more assets being put online of the game (in the form of screens and gameplay video’s).

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New commenting system implemented

We’ve implemented a new commenting system on the site. The Disqus system is used by lots of sites on the internet, because of its ease of use. That’s the reason we’ve decided to also implement it.

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