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Will Wright is engaged

While I always thought, Will Wright was already married, clearly his recent Facebook status proves otherwise. Will Wright has changed his relationship status to ‘Engaged’. Congratulations Will :D .


Will Wright's new relationship status on Facebook

If you’d like to congratulate him with his engagement, you can go to Facebook en comment on the status update!e

[ Facebook: Will Wright is now 'engaged' ]

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Will Wright also fan of Sims Social

We already knew that Will Wright was active on Facebook. But now we have noticed that he is also active in the Sims Social. Turns out Will is still a fan of ‘his’ Sims, and new plays this online game.


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Will Wright to make iOS game?

We don’t really know whether or not Will Wright is currently working on a game, but rumor has it, that he’s working on an iOS game. Website Eurogamer has held an interview with Will and found out that he’s interested in doing a game for tablets, smartphones and Facebook.

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[Special] Community interview with Will Wright

everal fansites got the revelation of EA recently that the is going to be an expansion for the Sims Medieval. Under the name of “The Sims Medieval: Dark Night”, players will be able to explore more quests and new heroes in this upcoming expansion. To accompany this annoucement, EA invited several fansites to have a joint interview with Will Wright himself.

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Live Chat will Will Wright

Will Wright has held a live chat session tonight. The chat was about his latest TV project “Bar Karma”, but you could also ask him questions about the Sims and other stuff you have always wanted to ask the creator of the Sims and SimCity.

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Will Wright turns 50 today

Today marks a special anniversary of someone we all (should) know. Will Wright creator of both the Sims and SimCity and founder of the Stupid Fun Club, celebrates his 50th birthday today. We at Sunset Valley Times would like to wish Will a very happy birthday .

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Special message from Will Wright

Will Wright has recorded a special video message for us to see.

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Will Wright to produce TV show

Will Write has left Maxis quite some time ago. Turns out he is currently producing a TV show.

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